Common Errors To Avoid in DIY Pressure Washing

pressure washingIt is a great way to clean both residential and commercial property. To save money, you may try to do it yourself. This can lead to many pressure washing mistakes.

It is a cleaning method that uses high pressure water to blast dirt, dust and debris away. Many people, both residential and commercial property owner, prefer this method of cleaning. But pressure washing isn’t easy. Although it may seem easy to do, you could make a few mistakes.

These are the most common mistakes you can make when pressure washing your home.

What are the most important pressure washing mistakes to avoid?

1. No Protection

You must protect yourself. High-pressure water can cause serious injury. Depending on how high the pressure is, it can even slice through flesh. If dirt or water gets into the cut, it can cause infection.

Wearing protective equipment and goggles is essential when using a pressure wash. Do not forget to wear boots. If you wear open-toed shoes, your toes may be at risk.

You should not only protect yourself but also your environment. Be sure to remove furniture and debris from the cleaning area. You can either tarpaulin or wet down the vegetation if it is nearby. Pressure washing uses cleaners and detergents that can damage the foliage.

2. Too Much Pressure

The use of too much pressure is one of the worst DIY pressure-washing mistakes. It’s no joke that pressure washing can damage surfaces. You could leave holes in vinyl siding or shatter wood.

Every material has a specific pressure setting. For example, wood and aluminum tend to need a lower setting. Concrete and asphalt can handle a higher pressure. You must be very careful when pressure washing glass as it is very fragile.

Start with the lowest pressure setting when you do your own pressure washing. Wash only a small area. You can then gradually increase the pressure. You can prevent damaging the surface by doing this.

pressure washing3. Incorrect Nozzle

You can adjust the hose tip on most pressure washers. They are known as nozzles. Nozzles come in different sizes. Some are small and allow you to spray areas with a narrow water stream. Some are large, which allows you to spray water in a fanlike pattern. The more concentrated and powerful the pressure is, the narrower the nozzle.

In general, smaller tips work best to remove stubborn dirt, whereas larger tips work well for cleaning. If you are going to do it yourself, the best option is to start with a larger nozzle. The surface is less likely to be damaged by a wider nozzle. Spray a small area to test the new tip before you wash the entire area.

4. The Wrong Angles

Angles are important when it comes to pressure washing in Myrtle Beach, especially if you’re washing siding. Sidings have natural openings on the bottom. If you spray water up into the siding it will get inside the house. Flooding, mold growth and property damage will be the result.

Your first instinct will be to hold the extension wand in an upward position to reach higher places. While this is not necessarily wrong, it’s best to use an extension that has a downward-facing angle.

5. The sequence is incorrect

It is almost like an art, as there is a rhythm to pressure washing. It might be tempting to begin pressure washing at the bottom. Doing it from the bottom up will undo all your hard work.

Start with the roof when pressure washing a building or house. The dirt from the roof will contaminate the walls and siding you have already cleaned if you wash the roof last. You will then have to start over.

When pressure washing roofs, be careful. Some roof materials cannot withstand the pressure of a power washer. If you decide to clean the roof with a pressure washer, it is better to use an extension wand than climb up a ladder. This could cause you to slip and hurt yourself.

6. Lack of Cleaning Solutions or Detergents

You can clean your home with a pressure washer, but you won’t get a thorough cleaning without soap. Use a chemical or detergent to achieve cleaner results.

You can also use different types of cleaners. Some detergents will not work with certain materials. Degreasers are needed to remove oil and grease stains.

Follow the instructions on the detergent when applying it. It may be necessary to allow the product to sit for a couple of minutes before you can use it. You can then wash it away. You can also use detergents which are safe for plants.

7. Gas-Powered Indoor Washers

Pressure washing is a common cleaning method for exterior surfaces such as sidings and roofing. Some people will also want to clean their homes from the inside.

It is possible to use pressure washers indoors. However, it is better to use washers powered by electricity rather than gas. It is true that electric washers can be cumbersome due to the cord. Gas-powered pressure cleaners emit carbon monoxide. These pressure washers are dangerous to use without proper ventilation.

How to avoid mistakes

There are several pressure-washing mistakes that you can make when you do it yourself. You can avoid these mistakes by understanding what they are. The best way to avoid these mistakes is to hire an expert pressure washing company.

K&M Pressure Washing LLC offers expert pressure washing services for both residential and commercial properties. You can rely on our experience. Contact us now.

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