Do You Need to Clean Your Concrete with Pressure Washing?

pressure washingIs your driveway looking dirty, covered in various things like chemicals, dirt, sand, salt, and more? Neglecting a dirty driveway can lead to problems, but using a pressure washer regularly can make a significant difference. Pressure washing isn’t just beneficial for you; it can also increase your home’s value and enhance its appearance.

Why Concrete Cleaning?

Cleaning your concrete every so often can prolong its lifespan and make it more visually appealing. It can be challenging to determine when your concrete requires cleaning because dirt and grime accumulate gradually. However, once you’ve cleaned it, you’ll notice a remarkable improvement.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your home stood out as the best in the neighborhood? Well, rain can’t wash away those stubborn dark streaks on your roof and siding. Whether it’s your driveway, sidewalks, patio, deck, roof, or house siding, our skilled experts in pressure washing can proficiently clean and rejuvenate these surfaces.

If you’re preparing to sell your home and want it to look its absolute best, remember that people will closely inspect your home’s siding, deck, patio, and driveway during open houses and inspections.

No one desires a home that’s dirty, damaged, or covered in mold. Similar to how regularly cleaning your windows keeps them looking sharp, cleaning your home’s vinyl, wood, concrete, and brick surfaces not only enhances their appearance but also maintains their excellent condition.

Allowing years of dirt, grease, and grime to accumulate on these surfaces could result in damage that potential home buyers will notice. Buyers want to envision themselves enjoying their new home, not tackling a bunch of repairs.

power washing

When Do You Need It?

Some individuals believe that pressure washing is only suitable for specific seasons, but that’s a misconception. As long as the temperature is around 40 degrees Fahrenheit, you can safely pressure wash without worrying about ice. Nevertheless, the spring and summer months are the most favorable because that’s when algae and mold tend to proliferate.

It’s also the season when pollen levels are high, and pressure washing in Myrtle Beach can be a godsend for allergy sufferers. If you find yourself constantly sneezing outdoors, it might not just be the trees and flowers. Pollen, mold, and dirt on your home and concrete surfaces could be exacerbating your allergies, but pressure washing can help.

Before you embark on your Myrtle Beach pressure washing journey, there are some essential steps to follow. Clear the area by relocating items like cars, furniture, grills, decorations, and plants out of harm’s way. If you don’t have a pressure washer and plan to clean manually, grab a broom and sweep away large debris from the concrete to prevent nails or glass from ending up in your yard or on the street. Shield delicate plants and anything vulnerable to the cleaning chemicals by covering them with a tarp.

Additionally, ensure the safety of electrical cords and outlets. If the thought of using a scrub brush and bucket feels like too much effort, you can easily rent or purchase pressure washers from various stores. Big-box stores typically offer more budget-friendly options, while hardware stores carry higher-quality models. Some individuals acquire their first pressure washer from garage sales, rental shops, or through family loans, but this can pose safety risks.

Older or unregulated models may not be safe for you or your property. Seek models equipped with modern safety features like warning labels, temperature control switches, back-flow protection, and thermal overload motor protection. If the model lacks these safety features, it’s advisable to explore other options.

power washingWhen it comes to selecting cleaning solutions, you have a few choices. pH-neutral cleaners are gentle and are typically used for cleaning indoor concrete, such as in garages. They won’t effectively remove heavy grease or deep dirt stains. In contrast, acidic cleaners are considerably more potent and excel at eliminating tough stains. Alkaline cleaners are designed for removing oil and grease.

Pressure Washing: Who Should Clean My Concrete?

Many people opt to rent pressure washers for property cleaning due to their speed and effectiveness. Pressure washing is highly effective for cleaning siding, decks, and driveways when done correctly. However, different surfaces require specific equipment, and using a pressure washer without proper training can result in damage to your property. Cleaning concrete with a pressure washer is less complex than cleaning a deck or siding, but challenges still exist.

Many DIY pressure washers rely solely on water, which can diminish cleaning effectiveness if you fail to properly mix in a cleaning solution. This may lead to compensating by using excessive pressure, which can be detrimental. Water-only solutions can also spread mold spores, potentially causing more problems and increased expenses.

For many homeowners, when factoring in the cost of renting equipment, transportation, and the time spent, they often realize that hiring a professional pressure washing service would have been a more cost-effective choice. DIY attempts often yield subpar results and, in some cases, damage, making professional services a safer and more economical option.

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