Fall Pressure Washing: Clean Your House Exteriors

pressure washingWith autumn approaching, it’s time to get ready for winter. People in many places are starting to prepare their homes for the colder months, including pressure washing.

Some folks might be hanging up holiday lights early, while others are adding extra seals around doors and windows to keep the cold out. Fall is a great time to tackle outdoor tasks that need to be done before winter arrives. One useful way to care for many of these outdoor projects is by using a power washer.

So, why should you clean your house exteriors in the fall? Let’s explore why many homeowners choose to spruce up the outside of their homes by hiring a professional power washing service.

What Can You Clean with Pressure Washing?

After months of hot weather, heavy rain, and maybe a few windy days, you’ll likely notice a layer of dirt and grime on your siding and other outdoor surfaces.

While power washing isn’t suitable for every outdoor cleaning job, it’s perfect for many. Here are some things it can clean:

Vinyl siding isn’t the only exterior material that benefits from a deep clean with a power washer. Aluminum siding and brick can also be spruced up with this powerful tool.

It’s important to note that when we say “power washing,” we also mean “pressure washing.” These two methods are slightly different, and it’s vital to hire a professional who knows which method is best for each surface. One technique may be suitable for concrete, while another works better for wood surfaces. If the wrong method is used, it can damage the surface.

pressure washingWhy Power Wash Your House in the Fall?

You can pressure wash during the summer and spring, but fall is an excellent time to remove dirt and debris with a blast of high-pressure water.

Most people associate summer with playing outdoors, going to the beach, and BBQ parties. Unfortunately, summer is also when outdoor surfaces collect all sorts of debris. You may even notice a buildup of mold, algage, and greasy grime.

All the debris accumulated throughout the summer can leave behind stubborn stains. If these stains are left to set over the winter, they can become difficult to remove.

Neglecting gutter cleaning for a season can lead to trouble.

During the spring and summer, gutters can fill up with debris. By the time fall arrives, there’s likely enough leaves stuck in the gutters to create a blockage.

Blocked gutters cause water to overflow onto your siding. When water is trapped in gutters and freezes, it can lead to ice dams.

Power washing in Myrtle Beach in the fall helps prevent all of these problems. When considering the importance of pressure washing in the fall, remember the points above.

Fall Power Washing Reduces Safety Risks

Greasy stains are a year-round problem, especially if your vehicle has an oil leak. Don’t forget about chewing gum stuck to the driveway or sidewalks.

Anything left on outdoor surfaces can freeze onto the ground, creating a tripping hazard.

With several winter holidays fast approaching, you’ll probably have more visitors than usual. Don’t take chances with the safety of your family and friends.

Properly done, power washing in the fall safeguards your family and guests who visit your home. It also protects the equipment and employees of the power washing contractor.

Fall offers the best temperatures for power washing your house. Once outdoor temperatures fall below 40 degrees, the pumps on the equipment could freeze. Workers who are exposed to freezing conditions are also at risk of hypothermia.

Contact Us and Schedule Fall Power Washing

Now is the ideal time to tackle those outdoor cleaning projects before winter sets in. You’ll have a worry-free winter without concerns about clogged gutters or slippery stains on the driveway.

Call K&M Pressure Washing LLC now and let us help you prepare your home for winter.

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