Pressure Washing 101 – All You Need To Know

pressure washingFor many homeowners juggling busy schedules, it’s challenging to keep up with maintenance. Yet, pressure washing offers a swift solution to removing accumulated dirt, mold, and other residues. K&M Pressure Washing stands out as a reliable source for top-notch pressure washing solutions, sharing insights and advice.

Starting with a background in painting and cleaning, the journey began with a 1000 PSI gas-powered washer. It marked a significant beginning. Now, our inventory boasts not just a range of pressure washers but a variety of equipment.

Our robust K&M Pressure Washing LLC pressure washers cater to a range of cleaning needs, be it patios, pools, decks, or preparing surfaces for painting.

We’ve curated a comprehensive guide on pressure washing. Paired with our instructional videos, we aim to transform you into a pressure washing professional, making your home a neighborhood standout.

Universal pressure washing tips:

Safety is paramount. Steer clear of high-voltage zones like electric lines and appliances. Always gear up with safety essentials: earplugs, eye protection, and closed-toe shoes.

Pressure Washing Brick Siding

Brick homes, while elegant and resilient, are not immune to dirt and wear. Bricks are porous, making them susceptible to staining and damage. Hence, mastering the correct brick cleaning technique is crucial.

Inspect the surface for cracks or gaps and address them with mortar. Let repairs cure for a week before pressure washing.

Steps for effective brick washing:

  • Pre-wet the bricks to prevent detergent absorption.
  • Conduct a patch test to determine the right pressure.
  • Use a brick-specific detergent, applying from bottom upwards. Let it sit for 5-10 minutes but don’t let it dry completely.
  • Thoroughly rinse the surface.

Consider using a brick sealant post-cleaning. Your local store can guide you in choosing the right one.

Pressure Washing Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is both cost-effective and low-maintenance, but it often traps mold and dirt. Being flexible, vinyl requires gentle pressure washing.

Steps for vinyl siding washing:

  • Protect plants nearby with cloth coverings.
  • Opt for a 15-degree quick connect nozzle, maintaining a 3-4 feet distance.
  • Test on a small patch first.
  • Rinse the siding with clean water before detergent application.
  • Apply detergent in consistent, downward strokes.
  • Rinse from top to bottom.

Pressure Washing Decks

pressure washingDecks are a sanctuary, so knowing how to maintain them is essential.

Steps for deck pressure washing:

  • Clear and wet the deck thoroughly.
  • Do a pressure test on a small area.
  • Utilize a 25-degree nozzle, ideal for deck cleaning.
  • Maintain an 8-12 inches distance, and sweep with the wood grain.
  • Allow 24 hours of drying, then apply a deck sealant for longevity.

Pressure Washing Concrete Surfaces

Revitalize your concrete with our top-tier pressure washers.

Steps for concrete washing:

  • Clear the area of potential obstructions.
  • Use a concrete-specific detergent and let it sit for 10 minutes.
  • Use high-pressure spray, keeping the nozzle 10 inches away, employing overlapping strokes. Stubborn spots may need multiple passes.

Pressure Washing Fencing

Don’t overlook fences when refreshing your property.

Steps for fence washing:

  • Clear the vicinity for easy access and protection.
  • Begin with a 25-degree nozzle. If required, a 15-degree nozzle can be used with caution.
  • Opt for a commercial-grade detergent, letting it work for 10 minutes. For wooden fences, avoid prolonged sprayer contact.
  • Rinse thoroughly.

Lastly, after a successful power washing session, take a moment to appreciate your efforts!

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