Pressure Washing vs. Soft Washing

pressure washingLooking for a better way to clean your house? Two very different methods of cleaning are soft washing and pressure washing. Although they are often used interchangeably the differences between them are significant.

Pressure washing uses high pressure to blast away dirt, whereas soft washing is a softer technique. This article will explain the advantages of soft and pressure washing. It will also provide tips on how to determine which method is most appropriate.

Pressure Washing

What is pressure washing? A high-pressure spray is used to remove dirt from surfaces. This technique uses a much higher pressure than soft washing. It is therefore the best choice for homes with tough stains and paint.

Pressure washers can damage surfaces that are delicate. The high-pressure water spray may also damage surfaces that you didn’t intend it to, like brick or stone.

The benefits of pressure washing

  • Very powerful cleaning power that can blast out tough stains
  • When homes are smothered in dirt and grime, a pressure washer can be very effective.

Cons of pressure washing

  • Surfaces that are too delicate, such as brick and stone, can be damaged
  • If used on painted surfaces or stained surfaces it can strip the paint off and damage the surface.

Soft washing

What is soft-washing? It is a method of removing loose dirt using a low pressure water stream. This does not cause the same damage as high-pressure washing.

Soft washing typically uses the same nozzle that pressure washers do to blast high-pressure water. Soft washing is not as damaging to brick and stone surfaces, which can be damaged by pressure washers.

Soft washing is also a gentle way to remove dirt, grime and stains from painted or stained surfaces. It does not strip paint and causes no damage.

pressure washingSoft washing has many advantages:

  • A gentle way to clean surfaces such as wood trim or railings that pressure washers may damage
  • Very helpful in cleaning surfaces that are stained or painted without damaging the surface.

Cons of Soft Washing

  • Pressure washers can only remove dirt, not tough stains.
  • Pressure washing is a good option if you can’t reach surfaces with soft-washing.

Both soft washing and power washing have their pros and cons.

What is the best way to remove tough stains? Is pressure washing better than soft washing, or are both equally effective? It’s just not that simple. It is important to note that water sprays at high pressure can cause serious damage.

How do I choose the best method for my home?

Both methods have pros and cons. The best way to determine which is the right method for you is to consider your needs. Soft washing is the best option if you want to remove loose dirt.

Pressure washing services are the best option if your home has heavy stains or paint. You should also note that soft washing is less abrasive than a high-pressure water spray. Consider your own needs when determining the best method for your home.

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