What To Know About Pressure Washing Your AC

Can you pressure wash a unit of air conditioning? Many people, particularly homeowners, have this question. The air conditioning units are a great source of comfort during the summer. AC units, too, can become dirty over time. Cleaning and maintaining an AC unit properly can extend its lifespan. However, not everyone prefers pressure washing.

Why Pressure Washing Your AC Unit Is A Must

Most households use air conditioners because they offer many benefits. Air conditioners cool down the temperature inside buildings and homes, making occupants feel comfortable during hot days. Air conditioners also improve indoor air quality and reduce pests. They also control humidity. In addition, people are more productive and sleep better in a cooler environment.

Air conditioners can be expensive. To prolong the life of your air conditioner, it is important that you maintain and care for it. By doing so, your investment will be protected.

Cleaning is a major part of maintenance. An AC unit that is dirty can cause several problems. Dirt and debris can clog up your AC unit, causing it to stop working efficiently. It will have to work harder, but the results are less than desirable. Overworking your air conditioner will lead to breakdowns. Regularly cleaning your AC unit can help prevent premature wear, saving you money in repairs.

Can you pressure wash an air conditioner?

You can use a bucket and a rag to clean your AC unit the old-fashioned way. It can be time-consuming and exhausting to use this method. A pressure washer is a great tool to use if you want to clean the air conditioner more efficiently.

Pressure washing an AC is possible, but you should use low pressure. You can damage coils and condenser if you use high pressure to clean airconditioning units. Be careful when doing this. When you’re not sure,  hire a pressure washing company.

Air conditioners come in different types. The window unit is a single unit. Then there is the type with the cooling unit outside, but the unit itself is inside. Split-type AC systems and central AC systems are examples of this type.

How to Pressure Wash an Air Conditioner?

These tips will help you to pressure wash your AC unit.

1. Disconnect the AC and remove the covers

Turn off your air conditioner first. To avoid accidents, make sure your AC is turned off. You must completely remove your window AC unit from the window if you want to clean it. You will need a screwdriver to remove the covers from outside units.

2. Trim the Surrounding Areas

Trimming the grass and weeds around outside AC units is important. Vegetation can block airflow, reducing the effectiveness of the unit. You can give the unit more space to work by clearing the grasses and bushes around it.

3. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines

Follow the instructions of the manufacturer when performing maintenance. You may find step-by-step instructions on disassembling the unit, or certain products you shouldn’t use for cleaning. The manufacturer’s instructions are usually found on the back or side of the product. The instructions should also be included in the manual if it is available.

4. Use Low-Pressure Water

AC units are fragile, as we have already mentioned. Only use water at low pressure to clean the AC units to avoid damaging them. Be sure to use a broader nozzle in conjunction with the low-pressure water. You can use a garden-hose if you don’t own a pressure washer.

What’s the ideal PSI for pressure washing an AC unit? To avoid damaging anything, you should use 1400-1450 PSI.

Keep the distance between your wand, the AC unit and the pressure washer when you are washing it. Too close to the AC unit can also increase pressure.

5. Work in Sections

It’s best to break up the cleaning process when using a pressure cleaner to clean an AC unit. The AC unit can be cleaned by moving the wand’s tip up and down along the coils. This should be done from one side to the other.

After the AC unit is clean, you may proceed to wash the top and bottom. The expanding curtains on either side of the AC unit are fragile, so don’t wash them. The covers for the AC units you removed earlier should be washed.

What is the best pressure washer for air conditioners?

Choose pressure washers that have a maximum force of up to 100 bar. This is equal to 1450 PSI. This pressure washer is perfect for smaller jobs, such as cleaning AC units, bicycles, cars and garden furniture.

Today, there are many different types of pressure cleaners on the market. If you intend to use pressure cleaners frequently, it’s a good investment. If you plan to use the pressure washer only occasionally, renting one is a better option. The portable pressure washer is best for residential cleaning.

Nevertheless, pressure washing an AC unit is not without its challenges. A small mistake can cause the unit to be damaged and lead to expensive repairs. Consider hiring a professional instead to clean your air conditioner.


Can you wash an AC window unit with pressure?

Low water pressure can be used to pressure wash an AC window unit. Lower PSI levels are gentler and will cause less damage. The coils cannot withstand pressure washing, so it’s best to avoid this. If you insist that the coils be pressure washed, use low pressure.

Can I pressure-wash the outside of my AC?

You can use a pressure washer to clean the AC unit’s exterior. Cleaning your air conditioner with a pressure washer can be very effective. It is best to use a low PSI setting to avoid damaging your air conditioner. You can also use a garden hose to spray your AC unit.

Can you wash AC coils with pressure?

In general, using pressure washers on your AC coils is not recommended. If you insist, use low-pressure water to avoid damage.

Words of Advice

You should be cautious when pressure-washing your AC. When cleaning your AC using a pressure cleaner, start at a low PSI. You can clean your AC without damaging any of its components. Refer to the AC manufacturer for any questions.

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