The Toughest Stains that Pressure Washing Can Remove

pressure washingHere is a list of the ten toughest things you can spray away with pressure washing or power washing.

Pressure Washing Tips


Spray paint on the sides of any structure or building can be an eyesore. The paint can be difficult to remove. You can remove graffiti from concrete surfaces with a power wash that has a pressure between 2000 PSI and 3000 PSI. Work in sections and keep the nozzle at least two feet from the painted surface.

We recommend using a chemical remover to remove paint from brick or metal surfaces. Follow the instructions on the label. Use the power washer afterwards to remove any residue and paint.


The hardest thing to remove from any surface is chewing gum. This includes concrete driveways, asphalt, and other types. Even if the gum has been trampled and stuck for some time, pressure washer services can remove it. It’s important to spray hot water on the gum while you spray it to dissolve it. It should come off quickly if you use about 4000 psi and work in a fan-like pattern.


Adding a specialized detergent to the pressure washer can make this tool more powerful. Cleaning solutions are available to remove stains on aluminum, wood, and vinyl siding. They can also be used for decks, driveways, walkways, paving stone, decks and other surfaces. Even the roof of your home can be cleaned. You can do it yourself or hire a power washing company. The detergent mixtures work for all kinds of stains, including those caused by algae, dirt, plant matter, leaves, and other debris.

Try pretreating tough stains with the soapy mixture and a stiff bristle brush. Consider choosing an environmentally-friendly cleaning product. It’s best to choose one that is biodegradable and water-based.


Removing paint from brick, fences, and exterior siding can be difficult. It’s easier to do with power washing. Before you begin, it’s best to test a small area to ensure the powerful spray will not damage the surface. Spray a small patch and adjust pressure as necessary. To get the best results, spray in sections.

If you use a power washer to remove paint from wood, spray the surface with the grain. To ensure that the new paint adheres well, if any stripping or thinner chemicals were used to remove paint, make sure to rinse with the power wash thoroughly.


You can remove rust using a pressure cleaner with a minimum of 3000 PSI. It is best to use a narrow-angle nozzle. This compact jet of water can remove rust without sand and scraping. It is particularly useful when cleaning old patio furniture or deck furniture.


Mold and mildew can grow anywhere. This can ruin your home and even your health. Power washing can be used to remove mildew and mold from many surfaces, including wood, glass, roofs, pavers and concrete.

You can remove the mold and mildew stains by using a mixture of mold and mildew removal with a power washer. This product works on vinyl and aluminum siding, driveways and decking, stucco, brick and cement.

pressure washingDECK STAIN

Pressure washing services in Myrtle Beach can quickly remove deck finishes, but you must not damage your deck. Pressure settings of 1500 psi are strong enough to remove deck stains. Sprayer: Hold the sprayer 3 inches above the surface. Move the sprayer in the same direction as the grain.


Over time, calcium and lime can build up on surfaces like pools, fountains and other hard surfaces. Hard water leaves These deposits behind and can be difficult to remove. You can remove the scale with a high-pressure power washer.


Gutter cleaning is a dirty, difficult job that homeowners hate. The curved attachments on pressure washers are designed to make the job easier. You can stand on your feet and use the curved wand without reaching into the gutter. Power washing extensions are also a great way to eliminate the need for ladders in single-story homes. The wand will help you clean out downspouts and prevent gutter clogs.


Oil and grease can be left behind by lawn equipment and cars. With power washing, homeowners can remove these stains. A power washer with a minimum of 1700 psi and a degreasing soap will be needed. Use a high-pressure nozzle to remove tough stains. Pretreat the area with liquid dish detergent and a brush.

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