Gutter Cleaning Service

Gutter Cleaning Service

Gutter CleaningK&M Pressure Washing LLC is a professional gutter cleaning company that can make gutter cleaning more cost-effective and faster than doing it yourself for homeowners. Gutter cleaning in Myrtle Beach  is a complex job that requires special tools and equipment. It also requires a lot of experience and training.

Gutters are the first line of defense against water damage and play an important role in your roof system. When it rains, gutters remove the water that falls onto your roof. Sometimes, thousands of gallons can be accumulated in one storm. To prevent damage that could cost thousands of dollars, all of the water must be removed from your home, roof and foundation as soon as possible.

Why hire a gutter cleaning company?

1. Time

K&M Pressure Washing LLC will get the gutter job done quickly. K&M Pressure Washing has the right equipment and training (gotta 2 stories ladder?) We have the experience and the training to clean your gutters and downspouts correctly the first time.

2. Safety

Cleaning gutters requires climbing up onto your roof using a ladder. There is some risk. A fall from a ladder could result in serious injuries and even death. We have you covered. It is not worth taking the chance to save money by doing it yourself. How about the wasp nest? Are you willing to deal with that wasp’s nest?

3. Inspection

K&M Pressure Washing will send out a technician to inspect your gutters, downspouts, and other systems. We can help you determine what the problem is and how to fix it.

4. Convenience

We offer a convenient service for homeowners, renters and property managers. We offer fast and free estimates, often the same day. You don’t even need to be home to schedule an appointment. You have the option to set up regular services, just like a landscaper. We offer convenient payment options. It’s a great way to do a messy job.

5. Peace of mind

You can be confident that your home is being maintained by the right company with local technicians and equipment.

Contact us today to see how our gutter cleaning service can be part of your exterior cleaning plan.

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