Soft Washing

Soft Washing

What is Soft Washing?

soft washingSoft washing is one the most effective ways to clean exterior surfaces of your home. This effective cleaning method is not known by everyone. You may be a new homeowner and still wondering what soft washing is. This is everything you need to know.

Although pressure washing is more common than soft washing, many people mistakenly believe that it is the same thing. Although they may seem very similar, these two cleaning methods are not the same. Here is a comparison of pressure washing and soft washing.

Soft washing

Soft washing uses low pressure water to clean exterior surfaces of houses. This cleaning method uses cleaning products to kill bacteria, mold, mildew, and other microorganisms. Three main ingredients make up the cleaning products:

  • Bleach is the primary agent used to clean and disinfect surfaces.
  • Surfactant: This is a substance that goes between surfaces and loosens up dirt, mold, or other substances
  • Water: This is used for diluting the bleach concentration

This method can be used to clean more delicate surfaces on your exterior. These surfaces could be damaged by higher pressure water. These are the top surfaces that can be cleaned with this method:

  • Roof shinglesPressure Washing Service
  • Windows
  • Glass doors
  • Lanais
  • Screens
  • Patio enclosures
  • Stucco
  • Coquina
  • Vinyl siding
  • Cedar shake siding
  • Wood panel siding
  • Outdoor furniture

What are the benefits of soft washing?

Cleaning window – Soft washing benefits Regular soft washing your exterior home will increase curb appeal and maintain property value. There are many soft washing benefits that you can also enjoy.

1. Even difficult-to-reach areas can be cleaned

You can clean all areas of your exterior with a soft wash. The water can reach as high as 50 feet from the ground. To reach roofs or gutters, you don’t need ladders, extension poles or scaffolding.

2. There is less damage to your home’s exterior

Low-pressure washing systems can reduce the damage your home can sustain. High-pressure water can cause damage to delicate surfaces like roof shingles and windows. Pressure washing can also remove roof coatings, which will decrease its ability to reflect the sun.

3. You Can Achieve a Longer-Lasting Clean

High-pressure water may not be enough to eliminate mold, mildew or moss from your exterior. They could also return. Soft-washing uses cleaning products that contain bleach to kill mold and other microorganisms on a molecular basis. They are not only removed from the exterior of your home, but also won’t grow back.

4. It is less labor-intensive than pressure washing

Pressure washing requires that you be within a few feet of the surface you wish to clean. You will need to have scaffolding or a ladder if you plan to clean the second-story exteriors. High-pressure water can cause more damage and take longer to clean. A soft wash, on the other hand, requires setup time and labor.

5. You can avoid accidents and safety hazards

There is less chance of you falling or sliding if you don’t use ladders or high pressure water. You will not feel pain if the water pressure drops to below a certain point.

6. Green Cleaning Solutions

Soft washing products are eco-friendly and biodegradable. These solutions can be diluted with water, even if they contain bleach. It is therefore safe to use. It’s the same concentration you’d find in swimming pools and when disinfecting drinking waters.

7. A healthier home environment is possible

Mold, mildew and other contaminants can cause health problems for you family if they are not addressed. Soft washing is a combination of low pressure water and cleaning products that effectively eliminates these contaminants from your house.

For soft washing, should you contact professionals?

Anyone can soft wash. You may do more damage than good if you don’t have any experience with soft washing. These are just a few reasons soft washing should not be attempted by you.

Professional soft washing is more cost-effective

DIY soft washing may seem cheaper than hiring professionals. But, consider all the costs associated with renting pressure washers or purchasing cleaning products. If you pick the wrong model, or product, there are additional expenses.

Do-it-yourself soft washing can take longer than you expected if you don’t have the right experience. This is why renting the machine costs more.

It will save you money in the end to hire professionals. You can also avoid the hassle and stress of trying to wash a whole house yourself.

Hire an expert team of technicians to clean your home

Professional soft washing will provide you with a team that is skilled in cleaning your home. They will know the best cleaning methods for your home. They use only the most effective cleaning methods and equipment to ensure that your home is clean.

Professional soft washing does the job quickly

The job can be done by professionals in one day or two days depending on how large your property is. Cleaning the same area can take up to a week, or more. It’s possible that you will have to do it again. Instead of wasting your time, it’s better to relax and let the professionals do the heavy lifting.

Use soft washing to keep your home clean and safe

You should now be able to clearly understand what soft washing is. This low-pressure cleaning technique has many benefits. You should add it to your preventive maintenance list. Your home will be safer and cleaner for you and your family. You will also enjoy long-term benefits like a higher curb appeal and higher property value.

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