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Reasons Why Pressure Washing Your Pool Deck Is Essential

pressure washingDirty pool decks not only look unappealing but also present safety concerns for both you and your guests. The presence of green algae, mold, and other slippery substances is particularly common in damp areas around the pool. That’s where pressure washing comes in handy.

To ensure a safe environment, it’s essential to maintain your pool deck properly. By doing so, you not only prolong the life of your deck but also significantly reduce the risk of slips and falls that could spoil your summer enjoyment.

Pool Decks Cleaning With Professional Pressure Washing Services

Safety First

Having a dirty pool deck isn’t just an eyesore; it can also become a serious safety hazard for you and your guests. The combination of green algae, mold, and other slippery organics thrives in the damp environment around the pool. When these substances accumulate on the deck, they can create a hazardous surface that increases the risk of slips and falls.

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How to Clean a Pool Deck

pool deck cleaningAny property must have a clean pool deck! Pressure washing is one of the best ways to maintain this part of your home. If you neglect to clean your pool deck, it can lead to premature degradation of deck materials and unsafe walking surfaces. The pool decks can also contain chlorine residues that cause unpleasant odors and sand, silt, and storm debris. These particles then end up in the water, overworking filters and creating unhygienic swimming conditions.

For wood and concrete decks, use oxygenated bleach and not chlorine, or dilute vinegar to kill algae and moss around the pool. For decks that are particularly dirty, add dishwashing detergent, or use pressure washers to clean the pits and pores in stone, concrete, and brick.

It’s important to consider not only the cleaners and solutions for your pool deck but also the tools and techniques that are best for each material. For example, a harsh scrubbing could damage softwood. However, a firm brush with a little elbow grease is usually needed to clean paver stones or concrete.

Consider this pool deck guide before you risk damaging your deck by using the wrong tools and cleaners. Power washing contractors can help you with your exterior cleaning requirements.

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