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Patio Soft Washing: Clean Your Patio Safely

patio soft washingAre you tired of looking at your dull and dirty patio? Want to bring back that fresh, vibrant look without causing harm to your surfaces? Patio soft washing is the answer! This innovative power washing technique combines the power of bacteria-killing agents and gentle detergents to give your patio the thorough clean it deserves.

Unlike traditional pressure washing, which can be harsh on your surfaces, soft washing relies on low pressure. It not only cleans effectively but also ensures the safety of your outdoor space.

Say goodbye to stubborn green or black algae that can make your patio look uninviting. With K&M Pressure Washing LLC, those unsightly stains vanish quickly, and the best part? It’s quicker than the conventional pressure washing method.

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Benefits of Soft Washing for Your Home

soft washingSoft washing offers a multitude of advantages that contribute to the cleanliness, longevity, and overall appeal of your home. This method, especially well-suited for maintaining your bathroom and tile floors. And it presents a host of compelling reasons to consider incorporating it into your home maintenance routine:

Soft Washing Benefits

Prevents Accumulation of Unwanted Elements

Soft washing stands out as a remarkably effective strategy for combating the gradual buildup of lichen, fungus, and algae on your tile surfaces. The specialized spray and detergent used in soft washing work synergistically to eliminate these undesirable elements. This ensures that your tiles remain not only aesthetically pleasing but also free from potentially harmful microorganisms.

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Common Questions for Homeowners on House Pressure Washing

pressure washing questionsA little pressure washing can be beneficial for homeowners. This is not only a cost-effective and easy way to clean a home’s exterior, but also incredibly effective. If you are still unsure about pressure washing, read on to learn more.

Ask Us Anything About House Pressure Washing

It is important to take care of your home. For many people, it’s the largest investment they will ever make. It makes sense, therefore, to keep your home clean and comfortable. A clean home not only promotes a higher quality of living, but also protects property values and curb appeal. Pressure washing your home is an excellent way to maintain its appearance and condition.

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Pressure Washing Recreational Vehicle

People from all over the United States travel to Myrtle Beach SC because of its beautiful ocean breeze, warm climate, and relaxed lifestyle. An RV allows for greater flexibility and longer stays.

Due to the harsh climate of Myrtle Beach, Recreational Vehicles may develop mold, mildew and dirt streaks along their sidings. If not taken care of, storm debris can build up and attract pests. It is important to maintain your RV’s exterior surfaces.

We Clean It All – If your RV isn’t regularly washed or maintained properly, oxidation and dark streaks on the sidings may occur. This can cause irreversible damage. We can clean your RV from rust, dirt, debris and bird droppings. Our Roof Treatment protects your rubber roof against sun damage. This will protect your roof from cracking, drying out and becoming fragile. Both aluminum and fiberglass RV’s can be cleaned.

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House Pressure Washing

pressure washingWe do our best to protect your home’s exterior. When cleaning the siding on your home, we use a gentle pressure process. This will remove any stains or buildup in a safe way and eliminate mold, mildew and dirt. Your house sidings should not be cleaned with high water pressure as it can cause damage to the exterior.

It’s all about the process – We use gentle washing process that brings a new level to any surface, including brick, vinyl sidings, stucco, wood, and more!

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